Barnyard on Wheels: The farm animals and Pony's travel to your location to provide Animal Assisted Activities to schools, academy's, Senior assisted living centers ( including Alzheimer's and dementia), educational events and demonstrations, community outreach programs, Military families and much more. Services may include Petting Zoo and Pony Rides.


Goat-Zercise: An exercise program of subgroups of differing physical abilities and ages. The groups include dance, yoga, jump rope and an outdoor nature walking program with the use of Goats. Studies have shown that exercising with a pet increases the duration and fun of the exercise.


Critter Craft Corner: A program of educational arts and crafts geared around animals. Children (and adults) join in to learn more about each animal whom they have interacted with in a fun and learning environment.


Unicorns for Smiles: An enchanting program where children can forget about the stressors in life, escape reality and be entertained. The unicorns demonstrate tricks and create an atmosphere of fascination. Its a known fact that laughter and Smiles can reduce stress and release endorphins to create a “feel good” mood.

Animals for Autism: A program geared toward Autism and Animal Assisted Activities (Aka Animal Assisted Therapy).

Barnyard for Brains: In this program, children with reading difficulties actually read stories to a barnyard buddy while the cuddly animal listens along! A child that may be hesitant to read aloud to his peers is typically less stressed when reading to an animal and the animal never judges the child’s reading ability.


Healing Heroes and their families: A program designed to provide therapeutic benefits of the barnyard atmosphere and services offered to both active duty military personnel and veterans who have been diagnosed with physical &/or mental challenges. Including immediate family members, as they are similarly affected.

Let’s Giddy up: This program gives children the opportunity to pet and ride a pony. Children who ride ponies create balance, develops motor function, cognitive skills and builds core strength.