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 Help people in our community.

 You can sponsor On-Location and Off- site (traveling)

programs and activities for those who can benefit most from Animal Activities & Therapy :

Sponsor our beneficial programs &  animals visits.

  •  Clark County School, Preschool or Academy.
  • Hospice, Elderly Communities, VA/Veterans and Persons with Alzheimer or Dementia.
  • children in Foster Care, Under-Privileged, at-risk youth'
  • People Facing Depression
  • visit and interact with our active duty military members and their families.
  • People with Autism or any other disability
  • Visiting your favorite church or community outreach event.

Wish List

Caring and Housing for farm animals is costly.

Here is a very small list of what we are working towards to improve the lives of the animals.

Facility, Animal Care and Equipment needed:

  • We are working on the purchase of a larger location to house EVEN MORE animals in need.
  • Feed, Supplements & Vitamins for Rescued, Retired and Rehabilitated Animals
  • We need Shades/ Animal Covers to protect the animals against weather elements (HOT, WIND & RAIN)
  • Water Tubs & Feeders
  • Fresh Sand for new and old stalls/paddocks PLUS Daily Stall bedding.
  • Veterinarian ~ emergencies & regular health checkups
  • & Much More!.. Operating a barnyard for farm animal is costly.


YOU CAN HELP! You can also Donate Animal Feed. Ask us how.


~ Sponsor An Animal every Month

~ Provide Supplies & Feed for the Animals ( You can have it delivered! ask us how)

Individual Donations & Corporate Sponsorship

You can make a difference! Donate to support our cause!


Sponsorship Levels

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Adorable Foal

Our Corporate Sponsors

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Our Donors

Thank you to our Donors below who contributed at-least $100 or more.




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The proceeds from your purchase help farm animal whom are rescued, rehomed, rehabilitated and retired; including horses, ponies and donkeys; and promotes our activities and programs geared around Animal Assisted Activities for people of all ages.